Stilbene-rich extract increases the cytotoxic effects of paclitaxel in hormone receptor-positive and triple-negative breast cancer spheroids

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Published: 2024
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Water-deficit stress induces prenylated stilbenoid production and affects biomass in peanut hairy roots: Exploring the role of stilbenoid prenyltransferase downregulation

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Published: 2024
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Effect of peanut stilbenoids, arachidin-1 and arachidin-3, on Streptococcus mutans growth and acid production

Authors:Reed KB, Pruitt E, KC HR, Sharma AR, Medina-Bolivar F, Shields RC
Published: 2024
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Arachidin-1, a prenylated stilbenoid from peanut, enhances the anticancer effects of paclitaxel in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Authors:Authors: Mohammadhosseinpour S, Weaver A, Sudhakaran M, Ho L-C, Le T, Doseff A, Medina-Bolivar F
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Elicitation of stilbenes and benzofuran derivatives in hairy root cultures of white mulberry (Morus alba)

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Induction of the prenylated stilbenoids arachidin-1 and arachidin-3 and their semi-preparative separation and purification from hairy root cultures of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Authors:Sharma A, Gajurel G, Ahmed I, Roedel K, Medina-Bolivar F
Published: 2022
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Production and secretion of isowighteone in hairy root cultures of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) co-treated with multiple elicitors

Authors:Gajurel G, Nopo-Olazabal L, Hendrix E, Medina-Bolivar F
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Arachidin-1, a prenylated stilbenoid from peanut, induces apoptosis in triple-negative breast cancer cells

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Antioxidant assessment of prenylated stilbenoid-rich extracts from elicited hairy root cultures of three cultivars of peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Authors:Gajurel G, Hasan R, Medina-Bolivar, F
Published: 2021
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Production of prenylated stilbenoids in hairy root cultures of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) and its wild relatives A. ipaensis and A. duranensis via an optimized elicitation procedure.

Authors:Fang L, Yang T (*), Medina-Bolivar F
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Arachidin-1 and arachidin-3 modulation of rotavirus-infected MA104 cells

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Stilbenoid prenyltransferases define key steps in the diversification of peanut stilbenoids

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Crossing kingdoms: Exploiting decellularized plants as pre-vascularized scaffolds for tissue engineering

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A stilbenoid-specific prenyltransferase utilizes dimethylallyl pyrophosphate from the plastidic terpenoid pathway

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Perspectives of peanut phytoalexins: biosynthesis, bioproduction and their applications in human health

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Investigation of stilbenoids as potential therapeutic agents for rotavirus infections

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Enhanced production of resveratrol, piceatannol, arachidin-1 and arachidin-3 in hairy root cultures of peanut co-treated with methyl jasmonate and cyclodextrin

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Effect of light, methyl jasmonate and cyclodextrin on production of polyphenolic compounds in hairy root cultures of Scutellaria lateriflora

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Antimalarial evaluation of the chemical constituents of hairy root culture of Bixa orellana. Molecules

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Differential induction of antioxidant stilbenoids in hairy roots of Vitis rotundifolia treated with methyl jasmonate and hydrogen peroxide

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Antioxidant activity of selected stilbenoids and their bioproduction in hairy root cultures of muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.)

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Scutellaria: Biotechnology, Phytochemistry and its Potential as a Commercial Medicinal Crop

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Natural prenylated resveratrol analogs, arachidin-1 and -3, demonstrate an improved glucuronidation profile and have affinity for cannabinoid receptors

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Super-promoter: TEV, a powerful gene expression system for tobacco hairy roots

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Bioprocess and bioreactor: Next generation technology for production of potential plant-based antidiabetic and antioxidant molecules

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Purification of resveratrol, arachidin-1 and arachidin-3 from hairy root culture of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) and determination of their antioxidant activity and cytotoxicity

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A non-toxic lectin for mucosal antigen delivery of plant-based vaccines

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